Dark roast Vietnamese coffee with just the right amount of sweetened condensed milk.

Beans sourced from Đà Lạt, Vietnam

Opal Vietnamese Cold Brew uses beans sourced directly from Ðá Lat, located in the central highlands of Vietnam. Ðá Lat is renowned for producing high-quality coffee, characterized by its rich flavor profile and aromatic complexity. The region's cool climate and fertile volcanic soil provide ideal conditions for growing premium Arabica beans, which are often shade-grown and meticulously harvested by hand.

Roasted in-house by our coffee team at the 5th Ave Flagship Cafe.

The imported green coffee is roasted to a medium-dark profile, coarsely ground and then steeped in filtered water for 24-hours — creating a well-balanced cold brew that is coffee-forward and perfect for mixing with sweetened condensed milk.

Paired with our classic recipes.

Opal is sweet — but not too sweet. Pair Opal with our Cinnamon Sugar Old Fashioned for a delicious treat any time of day.