At Top Pot, we put as much care into our coffee as we do into our doughnuts! We select coffees from around the world and hand-roast them in small batches, taking special care to ensure each batch is roasted to perfection.

  • Our medium roast espresso blend is sourced from Central and South America. With notes of caramel, cherry, dark chocolate, and a hint of clove, this blend is great both as a straight espresso shot and in any of our milk based espresso drinks.
  • This round, well balanced blend is our favorite for drip coffee, with beans from Ethiopia, Sumatra, and Brazil. Notes of chocolate, malt, and honey, with a light tangerine acidity.
  • A smooth, bright, and clean blend featuring coffees from Africa and Central America. Notes of malt, cocoa, and peach with a delicate lime acidity.
  • Darker, deeper, and fuller-bodied than our other blends. Rich dark chocolate, cedar, and a hint of smokiness with a heavy, lingering finish.
  • Our decaf is the result of the Swiss Water Process, which uses water to naturally decaffeinate the coffee before it is roasted. Sourced from Colombia, this blend is sweet, clean, and full bodied with notes of cherry, oak, marshmallow, and a bit of chocolate.
  • Our coffee team is always on the lookout for smaller lots of coffee that we can’t resist. We bring these coffees in when we think we’ve found something special to share. Watch for these offerings, both in seasonal blends and as single origin coffees. Stop by a café to see our latest limited time offering and pick up a bag while supplies last.
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